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Medical doctor holding clipboard in right hand while writing notes with left hand

Simple, Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Every year, people around the world celebrate Earth Day and do their part to make our planet a better place. Whether it is taking a hike or bike ride, picking up trash, or planting a tree, there are many ways to celebrate Earth Day as a family. If you have children, one…

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A woman makes a heart shape with her hands in front of a sunset

Simple Steps toward a Healthier Heart

February is American Heart Month, so why not give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift this year – the gift of heart health! Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, but you don’t have to be a part of this statistic. Take these simple steps to keep…

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A piggy bank with a small pile of coins next to it

Budget Tips: Common Mistakes You Might Be Making

When it comes to money, it can be hard to manage spending. Between unexpected expenses, holidays, and the occasional desire to splurge, it can be hard to keep money in the bank. This is even harder when it’s a struggle to make ends meet. Many people set up a budget to control spending and make…

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A brown-skinned man and woman in athletic clothes take a walk through a suburban neighborhood

Preventing disease is better than a cure…especially when there is no cure.

Preventing disease is better than a cure…especially when there is no cure. Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Although heart disease is sometimes thought of as a man’s disease, around the same number of women and…

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winter sports

Staying Warm in the Cold

We are currently in the middle of a “heat wave”, but winter is far from over! It is only January, and the temperature may drop to frigid levels multiple times before spring is truly on its way. If you enjoy winter sports or work outside in the cold (shoveling, snow blowing, etc.), make sure to…

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Medical doctor holding clipboard in right hand while writing notes with left hand

Telehealth: How Does It Work?

Technology is constantly advancing. From cell phones to computers, to cell phones that act like computers, every day brings something new in the tech field. The same is true for healthcare, and PHN strives to stay ahead of the curve in adjusting to new developments in providing high quality care for our patients. Telehealth is…

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A pile of carrots, raspberries, chard, walnuts, and tomatoes on a white background

Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming more prevalent in the United States each year – by 2020, 1 in 3 Americans may have Type 2 diabetes. This prediction is alarming, especially considering the many health complications that can be caused by diabetes. This number also applies to Americans of all ages; anyone can be at risk for Type…

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An extreme close-up of car keys on a granite countertop. Two beverages are in the background.

Drinking and Driving – Don’t Risk It

It’s the holiday season, which means invitations to work parties, family parties, ugly sweater parties – the list goes on! Holiday gatherings are a great way to spend time with loved ones during the holiday season, but if you are going to drink alcohol at these events, play it safe – don’t drink and drive.According…

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Extreme close-up of popcorn in a white bowl

Kickoff Munchies: Eating During Football Season

While the beginning of autumn makes us think of Halloween and Thanksgiving, a second season is also beginning…football season! You might have already noticed more commercials for deals on pizza, wings, and other calorie-filled party treats. That big box deal might seem like the perfect way to feed the guys and gals of your sports…

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Medical doctor holding clipboard in right hand while writing notes with left hand

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Tips

We all know that we need to check our smoke alarms to make sure they are working – but do you know how often you need to check, and do you actually test them? Smoke alarms that are properly installed and maintained can save your life. Follow these recommendations from the National Fire Protection Association…

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