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Garlic Roasted Salmon & Brussel Sprouts

Garlic roasted salmon cooked in wine, and fresh oregano on top of Brussels sprouts and garlic is easy enough to prepare on a weeknight yet sophisticated enough to offer to friends. Ingredients for Garlic Roasted Salmon: Directions for Garlic Roasted Salmon: Learn More About PHN Learn more about Primary Health Network’s services by visiting our…

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Achieving Your Resolutions

It’s now February, and some of us may struggle to keep our New Year’s Resolution! So how can we stick to our planned wellness overhauls? It may be time to turn those resolutions into actionable goals. Why will this help me with my Resolutions? A resolution is a choice to carry out a particular action,…

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Dr. Garrow Featured in Local Magazine

Our CEO, Dr. George Garrow, was recently featured in Valley Voices, a Sharon Herald publication. The article, written by Taylor Sherman with photography by Tanner Mondok, features a Q&A that lets readers get to know our CEO better. Read a few excerpts from the interview with Dr. Garrow: What do you find to be the…

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One Pan Chicken Pasta

This one-pan chicken pasta recipe combines sautéed spinach with lean chicken breast for a garlicky, lemony, and delicious dish with some Parmesan. It’s a simple and fast evening meal. The entire family will enjoy this easy dinner. Ingredients for One Pan Chicken Pasta Direction for One Pan Chicken Pasta Learn More About PHN Learn more…

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Greek Burgers

When topped with a lemon-and-dill yogurt sauce, the spinach-and-feta cheese stuffing in these Greek Burgers adds a juicy and satisfying flavor. Ingredients for Greek Burgers For the Yogurt Sauce: For the Burgers: Directions for Greek Burgers Learn More About PHN Learn more about Primary Health Network’s services by visiting our services page. Connect with our…

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Healthy Eating Tips for 2023

Healthy eating can have several positive effects on your health, including lowering your chance of developing certain chronic diseases and maintaining good physical health. Making significant dietary changes may occasionally seem overwhelming. Starting with a few little adjustments could be preferable to making major ones. Also, starting with one thing rather than all at once…

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Grilled Chicken & Avocado

Sorry, grilled chicken. Avocado is the hero of this high-protein, low-carb dish. It contributes to the creation of a creamy, dairy-free pesto that is rich in heart-healthy fats. Ingredients for Grilled Chicken & Avocado Special Equipment Directions for making Grilled Chicken & Avocado Learn More About PHN Learn more about Primary Health Network’s services by…

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Turkey Meatballs & Zoodles

Thanks to the air fryer, you may enjoy golden, juicy turkey meatballs that are fork-tender! For a beautiful and healthy meal, serve with interesting zoodles, your favorite jarred tomato sauce, and an additional pinch of Parmesan. Ingredients for Turkey Meatballs & Zoodles Special equipment: Directions for making Turkey Meatballs & Zoodles: Learn More About PHN…

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Overthinking. Learn to Control it.

Overthinking is a negative behavior that tends to raise stress since it involves concentrating on the negative, worrying about the future, and overanalyzing everything you do. Even though overthinking is not a mental disorder in and of itself, it has been linked to Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Overthinking can be challenging to overcome. So, how…

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Pan Seared Salmon

Add a twist to this Pan Seared Salmon with this kale and apple salad combo to bring a sweet crunch to your next meal. Ingredients for Pan Seared Salmon Directions for making Pan Seared Salmon Learn More With PHN: Connect with our PHN Blog to learn more health tips and news or visit our Facebook…

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Upcoming Foundation Event

Save the Date: PHN Charitable Foundation Scholarship. Applications accepted January 2nd 2023.

Save the Date: PHN Charitable Foundation Scholarship 2023

Scholarship applications for the 2023 PHN Charitable Foundation healthcare scholarship awards will be accepted beginning January 2nd.

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