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Mobile Health Services | Bridging Healthcare Gaps

In our commitment to bridge healthcare gaps, our Mobile Health Services achieved a significant milestone on January 18th, 2024. Let’s explore how our Mobile Health Center impacted City Rescue Mission and ARISE in New Castle, PA, bringing healthcare directly to those in need.

Our Mobile Health Services

Mobile Health Services: A Comprehensive Approach

Our mobile health initiative goes beyond traditional healthcare delivery, aiming to address the comprehensive needs of the community. On that remarkable day, a spectrum of services was provided, including primary care, minor sick visits, and medication management. A Community Health Worker was also present to connect patients with external resources that address the social determinants of health.

Nick Baron, MPH, Director of Operations Quality Control, expressed his enthusiasm about the day’s accomplishments, stating:

Our Mobile Health Unit
Our Mobile Health Unit

Dr. Angela Hogue’s Insight on Mobile Health Services

This achievement is a testament to the dedicated teamwork within our organization. It transcends medical professionals providing care; it involves collaboration across departments to ensure the seamless delivery of services.

Dr. Angela Hogue, our Chief Medical Officer, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating:

Dr. Angela Hogue
Dr. Angela Hogue, CMO

Our mobile health services stand as a cornerstone of hope for the future of healthcare accessibility. As a community health center, we remain dedicated to providing quality healthcare where it’s needed most.

Stay Informed and Witness the Transformation

Visit our Mobile Health Services page to stay updated on upcoming clinics and join us in witnessing the transformative impact of our mobile health initiative on community well-being.

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