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Visit One of Our Flu Shot Clinics!

Primary Health Network’s yearly Flu Clinics ensure our communities have easy access to flu vaccinations, boosting access to healthcare services and curbing the spread of seasonal influenza. Our clinics offer a convenient and stress-free experience for people of all ages who want to get their flu shots. At the core of these clinics is our unwavering commitment to looking out for everyone’s well-being, keeping our neighborhoods healthy, and minimizing the impact of flu outbreaks in our service areas.

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Visit a Clinic Near You

  • New Castle Rescue Mission | November 1st
    • 319S. Croton Ave. | New Castle, PA | 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Importance of a Flu Shot

Getting a flu shot is more than just a healthcare routine; it’s a crucial step in safeguarding your health and that of those around you. Influenza, or the flu, can lead to serious illness, hospitalization, and even fatalities, especially among vulnerable populations like the elderly and young children. By receiving a flu shot, you not only reduce your risk of falling ill but also contribute to community immunity, protecting those who may be more susceptible to the virus. It’s a simple yet powerful way to stay healthy and play your part in preventing the spread of this contagious disease.

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