Winter Health Tips for the New Year

Are you looking forward to the holiday season? Sadly, falling sick could spoil your holiday spirit. As the cooler temperatures and wintry conditions set in, you’re more prone to get sick. Make every effort not to catch a cold or the dreaded flu if you want to maintain your positive Christmas spirit. Take a look…

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Understanding RSV & HFM Disease

Along with the twinkling lights and festive music, come a number of viral illnesses including Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and Hand, Foot, and Mouth (HFM) Disease. Understanding RSV & HFM disease this holiday season can help protect you and your family from unwanted sickness. Learn more about these unwanted illnesses to stay safe this winter!…

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Staying Warm in the Cold

We are currently in the middle of a “heat wave”, but winter is far from over! It is only January, and the temperature may drop to frigid levels multiple times before spring is truly on its way. If you enjoy winter sports or work outside in the cold (shoveling, snow blowing, etc.), make sure to…

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