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PHN Podcast: The Importance of Childhood Immunizations

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to alarming declines in well-child visits and routine immunization rates. This raises the risk for outbreaks and places further strain on our nation’s health care system. To increase the awareness of childhood immunizations, Dr. Garrow, PHN’s Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. John Cunningham, PHN Pediatrician, discuss and provide information on:

  • Why are childhood immunizations so important, especially this year?
  • What measures are in place to reassure parents that our offices are a safe place to receive care?
  • Guidance for listeners who have concerns about the effectiveness and utility of immunizations.

Episode Links

Vaccine Resources for Parents

Primary Health Network’s Pediatrics Services Locations

Episode Guests

John Cunningham, MD
Sharon Medical Group Pediatrics
Primary Health Network

Category Health, Parenting, PHN Podcast, Prevention
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