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Commended by President Biden: Our Exceptional Community Relief Efforts

We are thrilled to share that Primary Health Network was among the esteemed group of first responders and other stakeholders who met with President Biden during his recent visit to Darlington, Pennsylvania, in the aftermath of the tragic train derailment affecting the community.

Honored By the President | Dr. George Garrow Accepts Recognition:

Dr. George Garrow, Chief Executive Officer of Primary Health Network, represented our organization and had the honor of accepting President Biden’s thanks on behalf of the dedicated clinical and administrative staff who played pivotal roles in the relief efforts following the crisis.

Dr. Garrow Honored by President Biden

“I am deeply honored to accept this recognition on behalf of Primary Health Network. Our response was a joint effort, and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the staff who participated and helped in various capacities. Their dedication truly embodies the values of our organization.”

Dr. George Garrow, Primary Health Network, CEO

Honored By the President | Our Continued Commitment:

We remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting the Darlington community. Our mission is to continue to provide essential healthcare services to those affected by the recent events. Additionally, we recognize the importance of addressing environmental hazards that impact community health. With a proactive approach, our organization aims to safeguard the well-being of individuals and families in Darlington and beyond. Our ongoing environmental health awareness initiatives, education, and advocacy seek to enhance resilience and promote sustainable solutions for a healthier community.

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