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Going on Vacation: Planning for Safety

This time of year, many of us plan on taking a vacation. Usually, this means travelling, whether it’s across the country, across the ocean, or across town. We’ll have activities planned, places to sightsee, and maybe even have restaurants picked out. However, in all this planning, do you have one for safety? Regardless of where you’re going, it’s important to consider risks you might be facing while enjoying your trip. We have included some safety tips for you and your family below.

#1 Safety Tip – Check the Weather

While planning a vacation, considering the weather and climate is very important. If you’re coming from Pennsylvania or Ohio, you might not be used to the kind of temperatures in Florida, for example. Check the weather forecast, and plan accordingly. Is it supposed to be sunny and high 90s for the week? Pack plenty of sunscreen and plan for staying hydrated. Are the temperatures going to dip down below freezing? Pack plenty of blankets and clothing for layers. Planning ahead for the climate and weather can help you have more fun and spend less time adjusting to new conditions.

A few more safety tips include:

  • Packing a first aid kit. You never know when it will come in handy, and it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
  • Writing down your emergency contacts ahead of time is also a good idea. If you do find yourself in some kind of trouble, you might not have time to find a number. Having them available is a good way to reduce emergency risks.
  • If your destination is particularly high-risk, email your list of activities to your friends and family, and check in with them regularly. That way, they know what you’ll be doing and when, in case they don’t hear from you.
  • Before you leave for vacation, it’s a good idea to lock up your valuables. Theft is always a possibility, even when you’re home, so don’t forget to secure your valuable items before you leave.
  • Once you’re on vacation, keep a tight watch on your wallet or purse. Tourists are often targets for theft, and keeping your valuables secure helps reduce this risk.
  • For food and drink, it’s important to do some research on where you’re going. For example, is it safe to drink the water? Maybe you should avoid certain cultural foods due to allergies? Knowing these things in advance can help to avoid sickness.
  • Finally, if you’re drinking alcohol, do so in a safe, responsible way. Have a friend be your designated driver, or make sure you’re in a safe place to have some drinks.

Be sure to have fun this summer! Vacations are an important part of self-care, and with these safety tips in mind, you’ll be ready to have fun and be safe.

Category Health, Lifestyle, Prevention, Safety
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