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Empowering Education with Our $10,000 Donation from UPMC Health Plan

We want to share a transformative moment in our mission for empowering education and advancing community well-being. We recently received a generous donation of $10,000 from UPMC Health Plan. This marks a significant stride towards expanding educational opportunities through our Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program.

Empowering Education in Ameri

Fostering Positive Change by Empowering Education

As an organization committed to fostering positive change within local communities, we are excited about the impact of the EITC Program. This pivotal initiative empowers schools and students, specifically those facing financial challenges. By focusing on providing tuition reimbursement, the program directly addresses financial barriers that students encounter. By tackling these problems, we are promoting equal access to quality education.

Thank You UPMC Health Plan for Your Donation to Our EITC Program!

A Key Partnership for Empowering Education

Having the opportunity to collaborate with UPMC Health Plan is a source of immense excitement. Cheryl Goldstone, PHNCF Director, shared her thoughts on this collaboration, saying:

Directing Funds to Educational Needs

We will allocate the $10,000 donation from UPMC Health Plan will be strategically to schools within the areas served by Primary Health Network (PHN). This personalized approach ensures that the funds directly support students in need of tuition reimbursement, allowing them to overcome financial obstacles and pursue their educational goals without compromise.

The Power of Our Partnership

This collaboration between the PHNCF and UPMC Health Plan showcases the power of partnership in addressing critical community needs. By channeling resources into education, both organizations actively contribute to the growth and prosperity of our local communities.

UPMC Health Plan generous donation not only underscores their commitment to community well-being but also propels our EITC Program towards greater success. Together, we strive to break down financial barriers to education and ensuring a more equitable future for students in need.

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