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Enhancing Pediatric Healthcare: Transforming Primary Health Network’s Sharon Medical Pediatrics into an Educational Hub

Join our PHN Charitable Foundation as we unveil an innovative fundraising initiative set for this year’s Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2023. Our goal is to revamp the waiting room at Primary Health Network’s Sharon Medical Pediatrics into an educational hub, elevating the experience for our visitors.

At the PHN Charitable Foundation, our commitment extends beyond patient well-being. We believe a pediatric healthcare visit should offer more than medical consultations — it should foster educational engagement and growth. Our vision is to reimagine waiting areas into spaces where patients, caregivers, and families can access valuable knowledge and inspiration in a welcoming atmosphere.

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Our proposed transformation for Giving Tuesday encompasses:

  • Educational Displays: Showcasing health tips, wellness advice, and medical breakthroughs through informational posters and interactive screens.
  • Reading Nooks: Featuring a diverse array of age-tailored books, magazines, and educational materials, available in our innovative Little Free Library exhibit.
  • Interactive Stations: Engaging activities including puzzles and brain teasers, encouraging mental stimulation and learning.
  • Art and Creativity Corners: Offering art supplies and creative outlets for expression and stress relief.

This transformation aims not only to relax patients but also to be an avenue for imparting essential health-related knowledge and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

To bring this vision to life, we are reaching out to individuals and organizations passionate about reshaping the healthcare experience. Your generosity on this upcoming Giving Tuesday will empower us to acquire educational materials, create interactive displays, and establish spaces nurturing well-being and learning. With a donation goal of $2,000, each contribution drives us closer to our vision of a more enlightening and comforting healthcare environment.

Mark November 28, 2023, on your calendar for Giving Tuesday or give today using the button below! Let’s come together on this day of generosity to collectively enhance healthcare experiences for everyone in our community.

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Category Charitable Programs, Events, PHN Charitable Foundation
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