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A CEO’s commitment to connecting with their workforce

Dr. George Garrow’s rise up the corporate ladder was not for the faint of heart. He came to Primary Health Network as the Chief Medical Officer in 2016 after serving as Director of Medical Oncology at Sharon Regional Health System. As an oncologist, Dr. Garrow was recognized for his work and compassion in patient care, including receiving the honor of the American Cancer Society’s Fellow Award. In that regard, Garrow has overseen all aspects of the healthcare system, which has enabled him to understand healthcare workers’ needs at each level.

As CEO, Dr. Garrow believes that accessibility and transparency are critical when building a successful team. Because of this, Garrow, along with colleagues PHN’s Vice President of HR, Tina Adamson, and PHN’s CFO, Carl Sizer, committed to hosting leadership rounds for PHN’s growing workforce of 650 employees across 50 health center sites within the first 90 days of Garrow’s serving as CEO.

Dr. Garrow

Each day, I’m reminded of what an honor it is to serve an organization like Primary Health Network. Even though our footprint is widespread, we are centered on the mission of what community health centers stand for.

Dr. George Garrow, PHN’s CEO

From these leadership rounds came Primary Health Network’s newest initiative, to create a healthy workplace that incorporates and embraces a culture of caring. To do this, PHN’s leadership will be focused on promoting meaningful engagement and collaboration and perfecting systems that ensure the physical and psychological health of employees at all levels. Improvement process plans and initiative developments are already underway; some include uniting employees through yoga sessions, which are led by Dr. Garrow himself; spirit days; and employee participation in surveys and trainings that improve safety and well-being. Dr. Garrow states, “The purpose of these activities is to enhance cohesion throughout the organization while having fun.”

Today, purpose-driven companies, like Primary Health Network, are on a path to positively transform organizational culture through improved communication and stronger inclusion efforts.

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