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Celebrating Excellence in Primary Health Network Employees | A Glimpse into APEX Awards and Remarkable Winners

The APEX Awards, hosted by the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers, symbolize service, innovation, and excellence within the Pennsylvania primary healthcare sector. This annual event is a tribute to the exceptional endeavors of individuals and teams in our state’s health centers, resonating with stories of inspiration and exceptional commitment.

APEX Award | Career Achievement Awardee:

Jennie Slabe, Chief Information Officer at Primary Health Network

Jennie Slabe embodies a remarkable journey, commencing from an entry-level position and ascending to a leadership role marked by innovation. After joining Primary Health Network as an Assistant Fiscal Officer in 2000, her dedication led to significant career progression. In 2020, she assumed the role of Chief Information Officer, overseeing IT systems, the 340B Program, Marketing, Informatics functions, and administrative support.

Jennie’s pursuit of a Master of Health Services Administration, alongside full-time work, is a testament to her commitment to personal and professional growth. Her leadership training in California further enriched her capacity to drive change and excellence. Known for her expertise in cybersecurity and the 340B program, she continuously shares her knowledge, fostering mentorship within the PHN team. Jennie’s high standards and commitment to refining health center processes benefit employees, providers, patients, and vendors, making her a highly valued member of the Primary Health Network team.

APEX Award | Innovation Award Winners:

Primary Health Network Health Crisis Response Team

In February 2023, a hazardous materials-laden train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, incited fear and disruption. In response, the Primary Health Network Health Crisis Response Team, consisting of providers and clinical and administrative staff, swiftly mobilized PHN’s mobile unit to a nearby parking lot. They provided clinical evaluations and vital care to individuals seeking assistance.

Over 14 days, the team delivered services to 70 patients, not only addressing immediate needs but also offering guidance for follow-up medical and behavioral health services. This exceptional response prompted PHN to initiate collaborations with local agencies, emphasizing the importance of environmental determinants of health even beyond urgent scenarios.

The APEX Awards not only recognize exceptional service and dedication but also spotlight the profound impact and innovation within Pennsylvania’s primary healthcare.

These individuals and teams epitomize excellence and resilience, embodying a commitment to superior healthcare provision, innovation, and community service.

Their achievements stand as guiding beacons, inspiring others to strive for extraordinary accomplishments and emphasizing the value of compassion, dedication, and innovation in primary healthcare. Congratulations to all the winners for their exceptional achievements and invaluable contributions!

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