Talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol, over a mother and daughter smiling together

Talking to Your Kids About Drugs & Alcohol

When it comes to having to talk to our adolescents about alcohol and other drugs, most parents are hesitant because of the typical thinking that if we talk about it, they are more likely to use it. Statistically, if you’re having open and honest conversations with your child, the likelihood of them using substances goes…

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Green rectangle graphic with text: Primary Health Network Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Most don’t recognize that chiropractic care doesn’t just have to do with your spine; it also involves your nervous system. Chiropractic care is an important aspect of your musculoskeletal health, which can most likely affect your day-to-day functioning and quality of life. Although most tend to see a chiropractor for back and hip issues, there…

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