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Dr. George Garrow of Primary Health Network Honored as Rural Health Hero of the Year

Primary Health Network is delighted to share the incredible news of Dr. George Garrow, our esteemed CEO, being awarded the prestigious Rural Health Hero of the Year Award by the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health. This distinguished accolade is a testament to Dr. Garrow’s outstanding dedication and leadership in the field of rural health.

The award, presented by Lisa Davis, Director of the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health and outreach associate professor of health policy and administration at Penn State University, highlights Dr. Garrow’s exceptional commitment to addressing rural health needs both personally and professionally. His collaboration with relevant state and community organizations, along with his adept utilization of resources to develop and expand programs addressing Pennsylvania’s rural health issues, played a pivotal role in earning him this esteemed recognition. Dr. Garrow’s willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty in service to the community further solidified his standing as a Rural Health Hero.

In celebration of Dr. Garrow’s remarkable achievement, Primary Health Network proudly hosted a special awards presentation luncheon in his honor on Monday, November 13th. The luncheon, a fitting tribute to his exemplary contributions, took place at the PHN Charitable Foundation Board Room located at 55 Pitt Street, Sharon, PA, commencing at noon.

During the presentation, Dr. Garrow humbly accepted the award and expressed his gratitude for the support of the Primary Health Network team, acknowledging the collaborative spirit that has been instrumental in achieving the organization’s rural health goals. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and community involvement in addressing the unique health challenges faced by rural populations.

The Rural Health Hero of the Year Award not only recognizes Dr. Garrow’s past accomplishments but also serves as a source of inspiration for future endeavors in the realm of rural healthcare. Primary Health Network remains committed to its mission of improving the health and well-being of the communities it serves, with Dr. Garrow’s leadership setting a high standard for excellence and compassionate care.

Watch the Rural Health Hero Award Ceremony

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