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A man wearing a surgical mask uses a forehead thermometer on a young girl

Primary Health Network partners with Zion Education Center on COVID-19 screening and education

A man wearing a surgical mask uses a forehead thermometer on a young girl

By nature and design, health centers like Primary Health Network work to find innovative ways to break down barriers to healthcare and improve the health of those in their communities. The COVID-19 pandemic – while certainly new territory for health centers – is no exception.

In the first weeks of the pandemic, PHN worked quickly to begin providing telehealth services and minimize interruptions to patient care. More recently, they have implemented mobile testing throughout their service area and began partnering with local organizations to provide preventive guidance, referral to a PHN provider for those experiencing symptoms, and more. Community partnerships are a valuable piece of the health center mission, and PHN takes great pride in creating programs that meet the unique needs of their community partners.

Childcare and school facilities have been a major focus of concern throughout the pandemic. For the Zion Education Center in Farrell, PA, PHN has been able to assist with screening and education to protect the children, their caregivers, and staff. Every day, a PHN Community Health Worker screens everyone that enters the facility for symptoms of COVID-19, including performing a temperature check. If anyone is experiencing symptoms, an appointment with a PHN provider is scheduled that best meets the patient’s needs. The Community Health Worker also ensures children are wearing masks and shoe covers, and offers educational materials to parents and caregivers on topics like cleaning and hand washing. 

Dr. April Torrence, Chief Executive Officer of the Zion Education Center, states of the experience so far: “When I walked into the corporate office suite two years ago and asked permission to move my academy into the former Farrell walk-in clinic at 602 Roemer Boulevard, I had no idea Primary Health Network would become a community champion for Zion Education Center.  I am forever grateful for Dr. George Garrow’s leadership and commitment to ensure the health and well-being of our staff, students, and families during the COVID-19 global pandemic of 2020.”

During the past several months, PHN has focused on the goal of services being available, accessible, and adaptable. Primary Health Network is committed to caring for their patients and the community throughout the pandemic, and will continue to introduce innovative ways to provide the best possible care.

Photo Credit: Jessica Morales, Viera’s Vision Studio

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