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Text welcoming you to My PHN and hands holding a phone open to the My PHN app
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My PHN: Information on the Go

Text welcoming you to My PHN and hands holding a phone open to the My PHN app

Many of our patients are familiar with our sites, services, and other resources. But did you know that information is now available right in the palm of your hand? PHN introduces “My PHN,” a new mobile app that allows you to access a wide variety of PHN information without having to do anything more than simply open the app. It’s free to download, and it’s packed with important, convenient features!

Site Nearest You

Firstly, “My PHN” accesses your phone’s location, and it tells you where the nearest PHN office is to you. This means, if you’re a PHN patient, and you need healthcare services, the app will tell you where the nearest site is for you to contact. It’s a quick and convenient way to check what’s close by. But it gets better, because you can get directions to that site just by clicking on the directions link on the screen.

Site Directory

Once you open the app, “My PHN” also has a directory of all sites by county, distance, and alphabetically. No matter how you prefer to search, these options will streamline the process. Once you choose a site, you can then view the address, phone number, hours, providers, and other site information. If you need a particular service, there’s also a directory of services, and the app shows you each site that provides that service in PHN’s network.

Provider List

There’s also a listing of providers, which will show you where your provider is located, with address and phone number for the site. This is a great tool to quickly reach your provider. In case you would prefer to search something more specific, there is a general search that allows you to search for exactly what you need.

PHN Health Blog

Inside the app is also News and PHN’s Health Blog, which includes all blog articles past and present. You can even search blogs by topic, allowing you to quickly sort through and learn more about particular topics you are interested in.

Patient Portal

Finally, the app has a connection to PHN’s Patient Portal. This is an excellent resource for patients, because you can sign into your own Patient Portal account to view messages, schedule appointments, renew prescriptions, pay bills, and more.

We all have a ton of apps on our phones, but it’s worth taking a minute to download “My PHN.” Between games of smashing candy and posting your latest photo, include an app that can help keep you healthy!

Get the app here:

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