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Telehealth: How Does It Work?

Technology is constantly advancing. From cell phones to computers, to cell phones that act like computers, every day brings something new in the tech field. The same is true for healthcare, and PHN strives to stay ahead of the curve in adjusting to new developments in providing high quality care for our patients. Telehealth is one such development that will soon be much more common.But what is it? Well, telehealth refers to using technology to provide healthcare, health information, or health education at a distance. It isn’t a specific service, but a way to make delivering services more effective, especially for patients who are limited by distance or unable to make it to other appointments.Telehealth can be divided into two types. In “real-time communication,” patients and doctors speak to each other through technology (like a phone, live video, or an online interpreter) without having to wait. “Store and forward,” the other kind of telehealth, involves sending images (like X-rays) for a diagnosis. Telehealth can also include home health, counseling, education, and disease management, using technology to communicate with doctors.Overall, telehealth lets you connect more with the healthcare system, and new ways to provide telehealth are developed every day!

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