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Mentorship At PHN

What are mentorship programs, and do they have any value within an organization? At Primary Health Network, not only do we believe mentoring holds value, but it is also crucial in creating a diverse and engaged workforce.

In 2021, Primary Health Network established a leadership program that focuses on the professional growth and development of employees through their peers.

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Our mentorship program objectives include:

  • Promote diversity by empowering employees at all levels to reach their highest potential.
  • Improve culture by building productive relationships among co-workers that will lead to a better sense of belonging within the organization.
  • Advance career development by establishing a clearer career path vision for employees.

How our Mentorship Program works:

A successful mentorship program is nothing without the mentee, which is why the Primary Health Network’s mentoring program is selective in its acceptance and matching progress. Potential mentees are recommended into the program through their supervisor and must display quality communication skills, a keen understanding of the organization’s core values, and be in good standing with the organization. Mentors and mentees are then matched through a mentor-matching algorithm based on common goals, interests, and skills.

Despite the initial developmental challenges, Ronald Bromley, PHN’s HR generalist and program creator, believes in the long-term success of mentoring. He states, “I believe this program will not only cultivate robust creativity but also enhance inclusivity within the workforce.” My hope is that former mentees will eventually become mentors themselves and pay it forward.”

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