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Kickoff Munchies: Eating During Football Season

Eating healthy during football season

While the beginning of autumn makes us think of Halloween and Thanksgiving, a second season is also beginning…football season! You might have already noticed more commercials for deals on pizza, wings, and other calorie-filled party treats. That big box deal might seem like the perfect way to feed the guys and gals of your sports circle, but try to keep in mind just how much you’re eating. When you’re staring at a TV screen for a long period of time with food sitting in front of you, it’s easy to keep reaching for more.

First, try moving the food to an area away from the TV (a kitchen counter, a dining room table, etc.), so it isn’t as easy to keep munching away. Also, rather than leaving a bowl of chips on the coffee table, try putting some on a plate, and only get more if you still feel hungry. If you’re going to leave anything within reach of guests, think of healthy alternatives, like a veggie tray.

Take-out may seem like the quickest option, but if you like to cook, it can be cheaper to just make something yourself. You can find many ideas online, like this website ( that has healthy twists on traditional food. Other simple healthy options include unbuttered/light popcorn or grilled chicken.

Stick to these tips, and you’ll be able to have a fun-filled football season…and a healthy one, too!


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