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Gifting Experiences Over Things

Christmas present boxesOne of the biggest parts of the holiday season is the shopping. Advertisements are working overtime, all trying to tell you why you need the newest gadget, an upgraded appliance, or just more stuff. Stores are packed, and toys are flying off shelves. So many of us stress over what the perfect gift should be for our loved ones. Do they already have this? What if they don’t like this? What if it doesn’t fit? These questions are all-too-common around the holidays, but there’s a trend that’s been picking up steam in recent years: gifting experiences.But what does this mean? Rather than buying a material item for someone, give a gift that will allow them to make memories. Recent studies have shown that people who spend money on experiences feel the money was better spent and were happier about the purchase. Even better, there is a ton of ways to gift experiences, and you’ll create lasting memories, instead of just filling up someone’s closet. Here’s a list of some ideas for ways to give experiences:1. Tickets to a concert or sporting event – It’s much more personal than giving CDs or gift cards for music downloads, and you can get a ticket for yourself to enjoy the experience with your loved one.2. Gift cards for restaurant or dining experiences – This can include a wide range of experiences, such as brewery or winery tours, special dining events, and dinner theaters.3. Private lessons – This is another broad category. Sign someone up for horseback riding lessons, or get them a tutor for an instrument they’re interested in. These kinds of gifts can feel far more rewarding.4. Games – Board games and card games are ways to have some fun with your friends and family. Take a look at the family game section at your local store, and you can look forward to making memories each time you get together.5. Vacations – This will usually be for a significant other or parent, since vacations are more costly, but taking a trip with someone is a great way to connect and enjoy a lot more than a single item.6. Self-Esteem – A trip to a spa or beauty treatments can be relaxing, but it’s also a way to boost a friend or family member’s confidence. Gym memberships or yoga classes are also good, since they can motivate people to work toward better health.These are just a few ideas, but there are so many ways to focus on experiences this holiday season, rather than just more stuff. The next time you’re stumped on what to get for that special someone on your list, think about giving them something they’ll always remember.

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