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Telehealth Services allows for Primary Health Network to rapidly respond to patients during COVID-19 Pandemic

As the fight against COVID-19 continues to evolve, organizations such as Primary Health Network have had to make a significant operational shift in the way care is delivered. The Community Health Center announced on March 30th the expansion of their Telehealth Services Network wide. Through this tech-enabled service, Primary Health Network was able to quickly…

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Highmark Foundation Collaborative Care Grant

On August 23, 2019, Primary Health Network announced that they have been selected to receive a grant through Highmark Foundation, which will assist in expanding their Collaborative Care initiative, specifically in Clarion County. The Collaborative Care Model strives to improve the communication and relationships between the primary care provider and mental health providers. Matthew Eckley,…

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Is the Keto Diet a Healthy Option?

New diet trends come and go, but the ketogenic (“keto”) diet has been in the spotlight for a few years now with no signs of disappearing. All diets have certain benefits and risks, and it’s important to talk to your doctor before starting any diet or exercise regimen. But what exactly is the keto diet,…

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Healthy Bacteria: The Benefits of Probiotics

When we hear the word bacteria, we normally think of germs or getting sick, but did you know that everyone actually has “good” and “bad” bacteria in their body at all times? These bacteria live in our digestive tract, with the majority living in our intestines and colon. They help digest food and can be…

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The Facts about Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a common viral illness that usually affects infants and children younger than 5 years old. Typical symptoms include fever, mouth sores, and a skin rash, and children can get exposed to the virus through close personal contact such as hugging, breathing in air when an infected person coughs or…

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Anxiety and Depression: You Are Not Alone

In the United States, approximately 40 million people experience anxiety every year, and more than 16 million experience depression. While anxiety and depression are separate conditions, they often “co-occur”, which means that many people experience symptoms of both conditions at the same time. We would like to share the story of one of our patients…

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Too Sick for School?

For those of us with kids, it’s rare that a school year goes by without a sick day.  When you wake them up for school, and they say they don’t feel well, how do you respond?  Do you just let them sleep?  Do you take them to the doctor?  Is there a “right” way to…

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What You Should Know About Whooping Cough

Whooping cough, also called pertussis, is a highly contagious infection of the respiratory tract.

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Movie Night: What You Need to Know About Ratings

Here’s what you should know about movie ratings and making sure your kids are seeing entertainment that suits their age.

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PHN Patient Success Story: Eric

Eric never had back pain issues growing up; he simply had a “bad back” from constantly working at his computer. Two years ago in 2016, Eric slipped on the ice carrying groceries, which resulted in him injuring his lower back. He hit the back of his head and had migraines for a month and a…

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