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Primary Health Network offering drive-through flu shot clinics to patients

A close-up of a medical professional writing on a clipboard with a silver pen

As we continue to make progress in the fight against COVID-19, we in the medical field are preparing for another virus that puts strain on the healthcare system every year – the seasonal flu (influenza). Like COVID-19, the flu is a viral respiratory illness that unfortunately leads to thousands of hospitalizations and deaths. There is, however, an extremely important step you can take to protect yourself from the flu – getting a flu shot.

Below are a few facts about the flu shot:

  • The flu vaccine is safe and effective.
  • It is recommended for everyone ages 6 months and older.
  • It is needed every year, as the vaccine changes based on active flu strains.
  • You will not get the flu from getting the flu shot. Mild side effects may occur, which is your body’s way of building antibodies against the virus.

Drive-Through Flu Shot Clinics

To further prevent the spread of infection, we are offering the option to all Primary Health Network (PHN) patients to receive their flu shot via our drive-through flu shot clinics. Please note, you MUST be an established PHN patient to receive a flu shot. Dates, times and locations are as follows:

The sites, dates, and times of upcoming flu clinics

To schedule, please call your preferred Primary Health Network location. Patients in need of transportation may call their preferred Primary Health Network location to schedule.

Once your appointment has been scheduled, please be sure to review the drive-through clinic instructions below prior to your appointment to ensure your visit goes smoothly:

  • For the safety of our staff, anyone in the vehicle must be wearing a mask while present for the clinic.
  • There will be signs and a tent set up in the parking lot of the clinic site. We ask that all patients remain in their vehicles, pull up to the designated location and someone will direct you where to park, etc.
  • The vaccines will be administered to everyone while remaining in the vehicle – children will remain in their car seats as well.
  • Please make sure to wear appropriate clothing for the vaccine
    • Adults and children older than 3 years old: a shirt with sleeves that can be easily rolled up above the shoulder
    • Children 6 months to 3 years old: pants/shorts that the thigh muscle can be easily accessed with the child remaining in their car seat
  • For children under the age of 18 – please make sure that whomever is bringing the child to the clinic is on the HIPAA consent form, otherwise we cannot vaccinate the patient.
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