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PHN Patient Success Story: Eric

Eric never had back pain issues growing up; he simply had a “bad back” from constantly working at his computer. Two years ago in 2016, Eric slipped on the ice carrying groceries, which resulted in him injuring his lower back. He hit the back of his head and had migraines for a month and a half every day. He was experiencing lower back pain off and on again and couldn’t even bend over to pick things up anymore. Any manual labor hurt his back, even shopping, and especially when walking on concrete. Eric needed to start using a cane in his early forties.

It’s amazing; after my second appointment, I started to feel a difference.

Eric tried cortisone shots and anti-inflammatories. He had tests done and he went to physical therapy, but physical therapy started making him feel worse. He didn’t want to be on pain killers, so he simply managed the back pain by using ice and heat. “It was ruining my life,” stated Eric. He explained how he gained weight over the past two years and how it was difficult to even walk anymore. Finally, Eric went to his primary care doctor and let him know that nothing was working. That’s when he was referred to Primary Health Network Chiropractor Dr. Casey Reardon at Greenville Community Health Center. Eric was familiar with chiropractic care because he worked as a massage therapist when he lived in California. He wasn’t completely confident at first, but once he started seeing Dr. Reardon, he was happy with his technique, not using traditional tools. Eric went on to say, “It’s amazing; after my second appointment, I started to feel a difference.”

Prior to chiropractic treatment, Eric would throw his back out and be in pain for an average of a week. After seeing Dr. Reardon, Eric would only experience symptoms for about a day. “I would say I’m 90% healed. It’s definitely manageable.”

When asked what Eric suggests to anyone who is curious about going to a chiropractor, he says, “Definitely go. I’ve recommended multiple people to see Dr. Reardon. It changed my life. A month ago I went kayaking with my daughters. I wouldn’t have been able to go before this.”

Thank you, Eric, for sharing your story! Chiropractors focus on the body’s structure, dealing mainly with the spine. Through a variety of approaches, they perform adjustments to the spine or other parts of the body, with the goal of correcting alignment problems, relieving back pain, improving function, and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Dr. Casey Reardon

Dr. Casey Reardon provides chiropractic services at Greenville Community Health Center and Sheakleyville Health Center.

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