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PHN Expands Pediatric Immunization Services in Erie

Primary Health Network announced the expansion of their pediatric immunization services to fill the gap for this much-needed service in Erie County. Dr. George Garrow, PHN’s Chief Medical officer states, “Due to the current pandemic, we have noticed that many patients are choosing to postpone or reschedule any in-person visits; however,  when it comes to children’s health, there is one thing that shouldn’t be delayed – vaccines.”  Dr. Garrow continues, “From birth to age two is the time when many life-saving vaccines are administered, including those for measles, polio, and influenza. At this time, children in this age group should still be going to the doctor’s office for these vaccines to ensure they are protected.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, PHN has led the charge in the fight against COVID-19.  In an effort to better serve their patients and the community, PHN has expanded its telehealth services Network-wide, and most recently began providing COVID testing, education, and contract tracing. PHN’s Wayne Primary Care location played host to the organization’s first mobile testing facility. Dr. Garrow states, “Our role as a Community Health Center has never been more vital.  We are committed to addressing the physical and mental health and well-being of our patients and our communities, in order to keep people as healthy as possible during this pandemic.”

For the protection of patients and staff, PHN has also implemented new safeguards, including:

  • All employees are wearing masks at all times
  • Employees with direct patient interaction are also wearing a face shield, gown, and gloves
  • Only a certain number of patients are allowed in the waiting room at one time
  • Our sites continue to be cleaned throughout the day, and every night, using hospital-grade cleaning products
  • For pediatric visits, we are requesting that parents bring only the child scheduled for the appointment, and only one adult will be permitted into the appointment

In order to increase capacity for those in need of immunizations, PHN is allowing for either established or non-established patients to be seen, via telehealth with a PHN provider, off-site, for the purposes of bringing the patient up-to-date on immunizations. Once a telehealth visit is conducted, the patient will then be administered their vaccine(s).

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, Erie residents may call PHN’s Wayne Primary Care directly, at: 814-455-5505.

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