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Living the minimalist lifestyle

Living with Less: Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

Living the minimalist lifestyle

Are you familiar with the new lifestyle trend called “minimalism”? The concept of minimalism encourages people to live with less – fewer material possessions, less debt, and less clutter. We are exposed to countless advertisements each day telling us we need to buy certain things to be happy; minimalists ignore these messages and only live with what is essential to them. Some examples of minimalism include:

  • Having fewer articles of clothing
  • Keeping surfaces clean of decorations and clutter
  • Eliminating excessive paperwork by scanning documents into your computer
  • Spending less money by only buying items that are truly necessary

Minimalism is different for everyone, and applying just one of the above points to your life will offer benefits. Many minimalists say it is significantly less stressful to keep a minimalist home. Just looking at a cluttered area in your house can cause stress as you think about cleaning up and putting items back where they belong. If you keep fewer decorations out on tables and countertops, the easier it will be to clean those surfaces. If you have a smaller wardrobe, you won’t need to dig through every drawer in your dresser to find your favorite sweater. If you scan documents and file them in folders on your computer, you will know exactly where to find an old bill you need to reference.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious by the amount of clutter in your home, start with one space – even something as small as the junk drawer. Separate items into keep, sell, donate, or trash, and be mindful of any new purchases moving forward. Then start enjoying the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle!


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