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A man in a suit and surgical mask stands with a woman in a white dress, a blazer, and a cloth mask

Acting Physician General Visits Primary Health Network’s Wayne Primary Care

A man in a suit and surgical mask stands with a woman in a white dress, a blazer, and a cloth mask

Pennsylvania Department of Health Acting Physician General Dr. Denise Johnson visited with our Wayne Primary Care location in Erie to encourage all Pennsylvanians to get vaccinated.

“Now that everyone ages 12 and older is eligible to get vaccinated, it is more important than ever that information is readily available to answer all of your vaccination questions,” Dr. Johnson said. “We have been working diligently to make sure vaccine is accessible across the state, especially in minority communities. If you have already been vaccinated, encourage your loved ones to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines so that they can make an educated decision to get vaccinated.”

Dr. Johnson’s visit to Erie included a tour of PHN’s facility and mobile vaccination unit. The visit is another effort to educate individuals about the vaccine and help address their concerns. The department expanded its vaccine provider network to include trusted local primary care physician’s offices and privately-owned pharmacies in addition to hospitals and retail pharmacies across the commonwealth.

Dr. Garrow, Primary Health Network Chief Medical Officer, states, “Inequities in healthcare have been especially noticeable during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why our team at Primary Health Network has been diligently working to remove the real and perceived obstacles preventing our community from getting vaccinated.”

Primary Health Network has focused on improving their communication methods in hopes of reigniting trust in our experts and public health officials. Dr. Garrow continues, “Through collaboration with academic institutions, local employers, healthcare systems, and social service partners, we have hosted nearly 100 community town halls. These town halls aim to bring transparency and information about the coronavirus, so our patients and community can feel empowered to make informed decisions.”

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