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Halloween Health & Safety – Tips for Trick-Or-Treating

With Halloween’s Trick-Or-Treat coming up in just a few days, it is important to keep health and safety in mind. The Center for Disease Control recommends several ways to keep you and your children happy and healthy during such a fun and festive holiday!Follow these preventive tips for a safe Halloween: •If you or your child’s costume requires make-up, test the product(s) on a small part of the hand to avoid a potential allergic reaction or skin irritation – better safe than sorry! •Inspect candy before indulging – make sure pieces are sealed to ensure they have not been tampered with. •Avoid homemade treats from strangers. •If a costume is dark, attach reflective pieces or lights to prevent being unseen by drivers. •Never trick-or-treat alone and walk, don’t run! •Wear flame-resistant costumes. •Make sure costumes fit correctly to avoid trips and falls! You can also pass out healthy alternatives to candy, such as snacks with low calories or less sugar, small toys, or stickers; avoid placing jack-o-lanterns or any decoration with an open flame close to a walkway; and making sure walkways are lit appropriately for all guests coming to and from your home.

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