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PHN Podcast: Recruitment in 2020

  Primary Health Network’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. George Garrow and PACHC’s Director of Pennsylvania’s Primary Care Career Center, Judd Mellinger-Blouch, discuss provider recruitment during a pandemic. Some of the questions addressed include: How has the pandemic impacted recruitment? Have we noticed a change in the candidate pool because of the pandemic? Has telemedicine presented…

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Part of a classroom, showing five adolescent children, all eagerly raising their hands

School Backpack Tips

When it comes to buying a school backpack, it may seem as easy as just finding one that is big enough to fit your child’s books and supplies. But when it comes to carrying around a bag loaded with heavy textbooks, the size, design, and “fit” of a backpack are just as important. Follow these…

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Two young children sit in the back of a liftgate trunk with toys and suitcases, yelling excitedly

Going on Vacation: Planning for Safety

This time of year, many of us plan on taking a vacation. Usually, this means travelling, whether it’s across the country, across the ocean, or across town. We’ll have activities planned, places to sightsee, and maybe even have restaurants picked out. However, in all this planning, do you have one for safety?

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Pale-skinned woman in a sun hat and summer clothing sits on grass, rubbing sunscreen on her arm

Fun in the Sun – What to Know About SPF

Now that summer is finally here, many of us will be spending a lot more time outside. This, of course, means we’ll get much more sun on our skin. We’ve all been told how important it is to use sunscreen, and it’s no fun having sunburn, but it can be pretty confusing when you’re looking…

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A woman in a sweater and blue jeans holds sleeping black and white French bulldog puppy

Keeping You and Your Pets Healthy

Everyone loves their cuddly companions and the joy they bring into their lives. There are many health benefits to owning a pet: they provide opportunities to get exercise and be social with other pet owners, and have even been proven to help those who suffer from anxiety and depression. However, pets can carry different germs…

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A man leans over a couch to pose with a woman who is seated, his hands are on her shoulders

Prescriptions: Maintenance, Storage, and Disposal

At some point in our lives, we’ll end up on a prescribed medication. Whether it’s a serious health condition or simple allergies, if your doctor writes you a prescription, it’s because they believe you’ll be able to be healthier because of it. However, once you get home from your local pharmacy, it’s easy to make…

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A smiling woman in a sunny park adjusts her left ear phone

Earbuds and Hearing Loss: Turn the Volume Down

Nowadays, people seem to wear their “earbuds” everywhere: at the grocery store, at work, even while driving (not a safe choice!). Children and teens may have earbuds even in more throughout the day, and there has been an increase in hearing loss in teens in the last 30 years according to the American Osteopathic Association….

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Extreme close up of red wine being poured into a glass

The Facts About Drinking Alcohol while on Medication

After a long day at work, you may not think twice about reaching for a glass of wine or bottle of beer when you get home. You just have one drink, eat a healthy dinner, and make sure to stay hydrated with a big glass of water. But let’s say you took a few ibuprofen…

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Medical doctor holding clipboard in right hand while writing notes with left hand

Deck the Halls Safely

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, many of us will be tossing out our pumpkins and replacing them with lights and garland. The holiday season brings colder weather, but it also means your neighbors’ houses will start looking much brighter. As with everything, though, there are a number of ways to get hurt putting…

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Medical doctor holding clipboard in right hand while writing notes with left hand

Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Car for the Cold

While cooler temperatures mean Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, it also means the roads will soon be getting more dangerous. With winter comes ice and snow, both of which raise a number of risks while driving. However, there are things you can do to winterize your vehicle. It’s an important part of…

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